6 Wellness Tips For Your Perfect Morning Routine

  1. Don’t hit snooze!

Snoozing your alarm can make you feel sluggish in the morning and waste your ‘me’ time. Set the alarm at a reasonable hour, enough to get your morning routine done and make it a habit to get out of bed as soon as it goes off.

  1. Write down your schedule for the day

Look at what needs to be completed within the day and what you want to achieve. Make time for everything, even something as small as making a cup of tea. This way you will be able to tick off the boxes and feel like you were super productive and gave yourself some well-deserved ‘me’ time even if your day was full of work.

  1. Write and review your goals

Have a vision board and write your goals and dreams down, feel free to add long term as well as short term goals, maybe your short term goal is to workout 3 times this week or meditate every morning for 7 days.

  1. Make your bed

That way you know you will have a clean space and a made bed to get into when you get home. Creating a refreshing space for you to relax in at the end of your busy day can have many benefits to your mentality.

  1. Eat a balanced breakfast

Ensuring you are eating healthy and nutrient rich foods will make you more positive and have more energy for the day ahead. You can even make breakfast in advance and have it ready to go in the morning with minimal preparation!

  1. Remove the decision making from your routine

Lastly make this a habit and remove the thinking from your routine. Decide what order and give each task an assigned time so you don’t get distracted.

If you start by making these small changes you will eventually find what works for you. Don’t expect it to happen overnight and don’t beat your self up over making a mistake, you can only learn and improve from it.

If you have any suggestions that work for you please feel free to let me know, I am always open to learn and grow!

Justi x

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***: A Counterintuitive Approach To Living A Good Life By Mark Manson

This book is my latest read and to be honest my first read in quite a long time

and I LOVE IT.

It is an easy read and super relevant to my life at the moment. It looks at looking at your own life and finding what is important to you and letting go of anything that is not.

You can find the link here to purchase it off Amazon

Mark Mason turns what you thought about life upside down, F*** happiness, F*** positivity because sometimes life sucks and you just have to keep pushing through. The want, No NEED for life to be this idea of ‘perfect’ all the time is beyond reasonable and you need to F*** it all and choose what is important to you.

9 chapters in 209 pages, each talks about your happiness and life values with hilarious titles. 

Chapter 1: Don’t Try

Chapter 2: Happiness Is a Problem

Chapter 3: You Are Not Special

Chapter 4: The Value of Suffering

Chapter 5: You Are Always Choosing

Chapter 6: You’re Wrong About Everything

Chapter 7: Failure Is the Way Forward

Chapter 8: The Importance of Saying No

Chapter 9: And Then You Die

Manson states “Once we embrace our fears, faults and uncertainties – once we stop running from and avoiding, and start confronting painful truths – we can begin to find the courage and confidence we desperately seek.”

He asks the question of “What problem do you want to have?” instead of telling you to fix your problems as he believes there will always be an endless series of problems in life which is why instead he says, “What are the problems that excite you? and What problems are you willing to make sacrifices for?” otherwise how do you expect to be content.

This is the perfect book to read if you are struggling to find your way in life and even if you’re not this is an entertaining and revitalising outlook on life and a MUST read for anyone and everyone. Take a little time to yourself and you might just find out something new.

Justi x


100% full commitment is one of the hardest things to do. For some people they are following their passion and find it easier to commit but others may be in a boring 9-5 job to make ends meet making it harder to commit to something you are not passionate about.

I talk about passion a lot because it has had a major influence in my life and I feel it is something important to find in some aspect of your life.

For the last 18 years all I thought about was dance and how to ‘be better’ and ‘work harder’. On top of dancing and training at the gym everyday I worked my ass off to pay my bills often going months without a single day off. I didn’t make time for anyone else and never had much ‘fun’ either. But this was the ‘dream’ that someday all the efforts I was putting in was going to be worth it. But this is not sustainable and my health ended up suffering for my passion.

So I decided to make some life changes and fully ‘commit’ to myself, my health and my future.

You may be stuck in a boring and mundane job, others turn their job into their passion. If you classify under the boring job title you need to find something, maybe a hobby and this can be a trial and error process but not one is going to judge you for trying something new and if they do you need to decide if they are worth having in your life.

A boring job is only worth it if you can enjoy yourself on your time off.

And lastly YOU come first. YOU. Never let anyone tell you that what your fighting for is not worth it. If you want to do the work then it is worth everything. Never give up fighting and learn to enjoy life and have a little fun for once.

Justi x

Happiness is Contagious

Happiness is contagious. Have you ever talked to someone who is feeling down and frustrated with life and felt it rub off on you? Have you walked away from a conversation with an unhappy person and started thinking about all the things that are wrong with your life?

It sounds cliché but you need to surround yourself with like-minded happy people.

Lets be honest, this can be hard at times as there are always going to be situations where you cannot escape daily interactions with unhappy and frustrated people. Such as the workplace where there are always people frustrated at one another or at a situation they have been put in and may spend time complaining to you about how unfair it all is. These interactions are unavoidable, but the way you decided to deal with them is.

I find the best way to deal with this is to have a separation between your workplace and your social life. If you catch up with people you work with outside of work you always find you end up only talking or really complaining about work. This is not a good environment to be in and can change your opinions thoughts about work, and more importantly negative thoughts about work.

Just keep work for work.

Surrounding yourself with a positive group of family and friends in your spare time is the best way to keep a positive and happy outlook on life. People that you can relate to, cry with, be happy with are the best kinds of people. True friends and family are always the best life cheerleaders you can find they are always happy for your achievements, help lift you up when you are feeling down and more importantly are happy if you are happy. You will have your ups and downs with your friends and family but in the end they will love you and will support you until the end.

Justi x

5 Steps to Making Better Choices

  1. Stop over thinking. 

First instincts are usually the best, and we should ALWAYS take them into consideration. Sometimes we start to over think a situation especially if it is extremely positive or extremely negative and in all honesty this is the worst thing you could do to yourself. If you find that this keeps happening to you the best way to overcome it is to take a step back and think about it from a different perspective. If this was a friend coming to you for advice what would you say, this can give you a fresh outlook on the situation and stop you from digging yourself into a hole. Learning to accept life as it is is sometimes the best way to look at things, don’t get me wrong I am all about making changes in your life but sometimes things are just how they are and we need to learn to cope with that better. Not everything is in our control to change.

  1. Head vs Heart. 

Finding a happy balance can be tough but you need to make a good decision logically while still following what your heart wants and being true to yourself. By being aware of making an emotional based decision means that you will be thinking more factually about the different choices you have in front of you and only after then following your heart which is better to think of as following a passion. Make a choice for something that will inspire you and lead you into your future.

  1. Make a pros and cons list. 

Look at the advantages and disadvantages of both and write this down on a piece of paper. Sometime you might think something is a great idea but when you actually sit down and write it all out the disadvantages my be twice as long as the advantages. This is not a reason to discard something entirely though, some of the advantages my out way 2, 3 or more disadvantages!

This is something that I was always told growing up and never took on board until recently. I would always believe that I was making a great decision without really looking at what I would be missing or lacking in in life. I find making a list with someone that you are close to and trust to help with ideas for either side is also a great way to do this, and if you agree with their idea add it to the list.

  1. Know what you want. 

Don’t base the decision on other peoples opinion although it is important to hear what they have to say. Don’t let anyone and everyone have a opinion only the closest friends and family and possibly only 2 or 3 or you will get overloaded with information. This is important because everyone always has an opinion but most of the time they are saying what THEY would do and what THEY think is best but it might not be in your best interests for you. Taking on board other opinions is 100% important but it is also important to stay strong in what you truly believe. In the end it is effecting your life and it is your decision to make, no one elses and therefor you need to have no one to blame but yourself if something goes wrong or it makes you unhappy. In the end you thought it was a good idea at the time but it may or may not turn out how you wanted in the long run but you must remember how you made the choice and you alone.

  1. Commit. 

Taking on board all of the positives and the negatives and don’t look back. Once you have made your decision find a way to be at peace with it and don’t second guess yourself. Know they you made this decision with all the information in front of you and you made it for the best future you could at the time. 100% commitment is hard but try to avoid looking back and second guessing your choice. The grass will always look greener on the other side when in reality it probably isn’t.

My Own Experience

If someone had told me a year ago to quit my dancing career (and I’m telling you they did!) and told me my life would be so much happier, less stressful and better for my overall health (and they did!), I would have said NO this is my passion, this is what I love and I couldn’t live without it. But now 1 year on having quit dancing 10 months ago and just teaching the odd class to satisfy my creative dance craving I can now say it was the best decision of my life AND it took me a whole year to realise this. I believe I needed to take the time to come to this conclusion on my own because if I had have quit when people told me too I would have always had regrets and would have blamed them for what ‘could have been’. Now knowing it was 100% my decision I couldn’t be happier, there are times I do look back and feel a little jealous but then I look forward to my future and the reasons I made the decision and I know I made the right choice.

Justi x


Finding You

Hey Babes

Have you ever felt lost or don’t know what your next move is?

Well that is 100% me at the moment.

I have just made the big decision to stop being a professional dancer which is all I have ever wanted in my life but now I have no idea what to do next. There are so many options out there and so many possibilities I don’t know which to take. But I also don’t believe you need to make one decision and stick to it, you can try out different options to learn and grow along the way. Yes this may mean you are super busy all the time but at least you will get to try out a number of options right? I don’t know.

You know when you are 18 and you think you have all the time in the world to make a decision then fast forward 5 years and your no closer than when you finished high school. Yeah. Me too.

So this blog is a space for me to vent and hopefully work it out along the way. 2018 is going to the be best year of possibilities and I am getting a head start. I hope you enjoy and grow with me.

Justi x