Dance Concerts

That time has come around again and I could be more excited!

The excitement that surrounds the end of year performances for the kids just brings so much joy to me. It always creates a strong sense of accomplishment for each student and the rewards as a teacher is immense. 

Walking on Sunshine

One of the schools I teach at had their performance on Sunday, and as much as I love seeing my students perform it is the growing, maturing and confidence building up throughout the year that I believe is what it is really all about.Seeing each child nail a new step which they never thought they could do is incredible to watch and that is what keeps the love of dance in a childs heart.  

As a teacher you have such an influence on young children whether you think so or not. Teaching them the values of discipline, hard work and commitment through dance will help them throughout the rest of their life. One of my favourite moments this year was when one of my little students Zoe (7 years old) came up to me at the start of dance class to show my the tiny letters the tooth fairy left her last night! This truly showed me that I am not only a dance teacher to them but someone they look up to and want to share the big events in their lives with. I will keep that moment with me forever.

Anyway I just wanted to share a little bit about what was going on at the moment. It is a busy time of your but such an exciting one as well. I have another 2 dance performances on Saturday and then teaching is all done for the year! I am going to miss seeing all of their gorgeous faces every week and I cannot wait until it all starts up again in 2019!

Song of a Thousand Dances

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