What If Everything Happened When It Happened For A Reason

Sometimes looking back at life can be to worst thing we can do to ourselves. Thinking Where did I go wrong? or What if?

But what if we looked at all our past choices both positive and negative and choose to see them as stepping stones to learning more about ourselves and opening up to the world. What if everything happened when it happened for a reason?

This statement seems to resonate with me a lot. There are times when things are out of your control or you get ‘stuck’ doing something you didn’t want to do. Believing that these events happened for a reason somehow helps me, we might not know why today or even tomorrow but somewhere down the beaten path we will say that ‘we wouldn’t change a thing because it made me who I am today.’ But in saying that you shouldn’t look at yourself as the victim, this is not a ‘victim’ outlook, this is growing as a person and learning from the world around you outlook.

We all know life is not all sunshine and roses all the time. We have to walk in the rain and brush past some thistles to get to the good bits. And this is why I love the statement: ‘What if everything happened when it happened for a reason?’ It helps you to believe there is something good waiting for you out there in the world as long as you just keep going along and do your best.

I am a bit of a quote lover, but I tend to find my own meanings to them to directly link it into my own life. And at the moment this is it. Somehow it is making my next set of choices I have to make a bit easier, knowing that somehow it will all work its way out in the end.

Is this something that resonates with you as well?

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