My Story To Becoming A Dancer And Teacher.

Lets start from the start. Every little girls’ dream is to grow up and become a ballerina and I was no different. The tutus, pointe shoes and tiara was all I wanted for most of my life.  I trained 3.30pm – 9.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am – 5.00pm every Saturday taking every ballet, pointe, jazz and contemporary class my school has to offer, and to tell you the truth it was one of the best in the city. There is no specific way to become a dancer other than hard work, discipline and dedication everyday but I was lucky to have some pretty brilliant teachers along the way.

Somewhere around when I was 17 the goal went from ballerina to dancer on cruise ships and after doing 6 months of a Batchelor of Arts at university and absolutely hating it I started applying for a full time dance courses in Melbourne. This was the best and worst decision of my life. It broke me, built me up and broke me again and after finishing my two year advanced diploma and adding another 8 months on for ‘self development’ I was a 200% stronger dancer, stronger willed and dedicated performer.

I thought I still knew what I wanted, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

After getting shortlisted for multiple cruise ships but never receiving a formal offer I slowly and surely saw what the industry had to offer for me and realised it was not what I had dreamed of or even wanted anymore.

A year and a half later I made the huge decision to quit dancing and  auditioning for jobs within the performing industry. I realised I didn’t want this crazy, unreliable, intense and challenging lifestyle anymore. I wanted to work towards a different future for myself.

Some people saw this as quitting, I saw it as making a choice and easily one of the hardest choices in my life so far.

So after going through the last 20 years of life dedicated to dancing what do you do? I felt like I lost a part of myself but I was still sure I had let go of the right part of me. I initially quit the whole industry outright but I found there was still something missing so I began teach dance to kids once a week and it felt so right. Teaching was what I believe I was supposed to do with the 20 years of dance training I had put myself through, gaining the knowledge and experience to pass that on to the next generation and I have never looked back since.

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love kids but I never in my wildest dreams thought of myself as a teacher and I always told myself I would hate it and would never do it but now I teach a range of kids from 5 years old to full-time students and absolutely adore them all. It is what I truly believe I was supposed to do with my dance ability and training. To inspire young dancers to have a love of dance and to grow them into strong confident young women.

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