Stress and Life Tips

Anyone stress out about the future. Yeah. Me too. Always

I swear it is one of my biggest weaknesses. Maybe it is my need to control everything, I stress about not being able to control the outcome of everything and for some reason this takes full control of my being more often than I would like to admit.

I am going to go back to start yoga and meditation again, it worked last time right?

I do know not everything is in your control but I find it very hard to let go and let everything fall into place, when really it usually does itself without me needing to have a mental breakdown about it

So here are some things I am trying to implement as staples in my life to help

  1. Meditate – Take a few minutes to myself and establish a good headspace for the day ahead.
  2. Workout – Go to the gym, it helps as an outlet and realises good endorphins.
  3. Write everything down – I have a daily dairy to plan my life, never having to stress about anything!
  4. Lists – To do lists ensure nothing is forgotten as well as feeling accomplished that you have completed things.
  5. You – You are the most important person so make sure you do something you like doing, whether it be as simple as a walk or trip to the movies. Reward yourself for being you.

Goodluck and I hope this helps you as much as it helps me!

Justi x

2 thoughts on “Stress and Life Tips

  1. Oh, how I stress out about EVERYTHING. Walking relaxes me. Also, I’m so addicted to my iPhone I had to add two apps – One is from Hazelden called Inspirations. The second is called Calm that gets you into deep breathing for 10-20 minutes. You can do this ON THE BUS, in fact. I’ve done it and may look like an idiot but I feel great when I get off to connect to that next one to get to work!

    Ah, meditation. How I wish I could sit still for that long. But for ten minutes? I think I’m starting there.

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