The Hardest Part Of The Year

I always find the end of year the hardest. I start over thinking about everything and anything. What is next year going to bring? Who am I going to be? What do I want to improve on? Do I want to make a major life change or stick with what I’m doing? Do I want to start a new project?

Seriously how many questions can you ask yourself while sitting in silence before going crazy? I can tell you that this thought process happens on the regular and makes me feel like the world is too much for me and I shut down just a little bit more.

However little by little I make small decisions which end up making in turn big decisions. Today I found out I got a fabulous dance teaching job I really wanted and had high hopes for. That was the small decision. The big decision was if I got that job I would need to buy a car. See what I mean, something small led to something major. Now buying a car may not be huge for everyone but for me it is something I have been working towards for a while and I haven’t needed one until now.

So while the world can be full of many decisions every day as long as you take one step at a time you are going to be doing okay. I promise.

And if you do find yourself in a cycle of questions and despair go for a walk to the beach or the park or sit outside in the fresh air, this will 100% make you feel ten times better than you did.

Justi x

4 thoughts on “The Hardest Part Of The Year

  1. I also find the end of the year quite a hard time since for me it’s all about reflection and thinking about the future, and that doesn’t always put me in the best state of mind. However, we have to remain positive. Bring on 2018 .xx


  2. I definitely struggle this time of the year as I am divided between being super motivated for the new year and questioning the past year and everything I would change. But this post was really good to read x


  3. I really enjoyed this blog post, I felt myself being able to relate to it and I had a sense of feeling less alone through my life’s journey.



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