100% full commitment is one of the hardest things to do. For some people they are following their passion and find it easier to commit but others may be in a boring 9-5 job to make ends meet making it harder to commit to something you are not passionate about.

I talk about passion a lot because it has had a major influence in my life and I feel it is something important to find in some aspect of your life.

For the last 18 years all I thought about was dance and how to ‘be better’ and ‘work harder’. On top of dancing and training at the gym everyday I worked my ass off to pay my bills often going months without a single day off. I didn’t make time for anyone else and never had much ‘fun’ either. But this was the ‘dream’ that someday all the efforts I was putting in was going to be worth it. But this is not sustainable and my health ended up suffering for my passion.

So I decided to make some life changes and fully ‘commit’ to myself, my health and my future.

You may be stuck in a boring and mundane job, others turn their job into their passion. If you classify under the boring job title you need to find something, maybe a hobby and this can be a trial and error process but not one is going to judge you for trying something new and if they do you need to decide if they are worth having in your life.

A boring job is only worth it if you can enjoy yourself on your time off.

And lastly YOU come first. YOU. Never let anyone tell you that what your fighting for is not worth it. If you want to do the work then it is worth everything. Never give up fighting and learn to enjoy life and have a little fun for once.

Justi x

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