Dance Concerts

That time has come around again and I could be more excited! The excitement that surrounds the end of year performances for the kids just brings so much joy to me. It always creates a strong sense of accomplishment for each student and the rewards as a teacher is immense.  One of the schools I … More Dance Concerts

Something For Me

On Monday I did a little something special for me and I just wanted to share it a little with you. As you all may already know I used to be a professional dancer but stopped about 2 years ago and now just love to teach! I realised that I didn’t have ANY professional photos … More Something For Me

The Two Year Plan

The 5 year plan, The 10 year plan. What is yours? Getting towards the end of the year has made me think about setting some serious goals. Not the usual “I want to get skinnier” “I want to eat healthier” etc I mean the serious big goals that take planning and smaller goals along the … More The Two Year Plan

Making Life Choices

Life is all about the choices we make. Some turn out great and some lets be honest are a disaster. I have recently learnt that there is no situation you cannot get out of or change which, keeping this in mind takes a lot of the pressure off your decisions. Feeling trapped is one of the worst feelings in … More Making Life Choices

What If Everything Happened When It Happened For A Reason

Sometimes looking back at life can be to worst thing we can do to ourselves. Thinking Where did I go wrong? or What if? But what if we looked at all our past choices both positive and negative and choose to see them as stepping stones to learning more about ourselves and opening up to the world. What if everything … More What If Everything Happened When It Happened For A Reason